Hello, world!

My name is Elena Anastasieva,

I’m the founder and CEO of Sphera Buro.

Sphera Buro is a strategic communications and integrated marketing agency.

Since 2015, my team has been working with impact-fueled, ambitious, socially responsible businesses across CIS,

Central Asia and the Middle East.

Elena Anastasieva CEO&Founder Spheraburo

How do we work?

Diving into your business, brand strategy and audience

We always start with the research. What is the business you’re building? What are your strategic objectives? How are you doing on your way? How could we recharge, fuel, and support you with the latest marketing tools? We use qualitative and quantitative methods, conduct user and expert interviews, analyze the CJM and marketing funnel and present you the outtakes and strategic ideas during the creative session.

Developing product and marketing creative idea

We don’t believe in silver bullets. Depending on your strategic and tactical objectives, we develop a creative idea that will grow your business and communications value. That might be a digital product, public talk or event, ESG initiative or fruitful partnership, open call or award. We’ll make sure it drives your brand forward.

Creating tailor made marketing mix and perform it

We build websites, email chains, social media and classic media presence. Develop go-to-market initiatives from strategy to execution, customer acquisition to retention. We design an integrated marketing mix that excels in the KPIs and creates new strategic opportunities.




Tuning marketing funnel and orchestrating digital mix to hit user acquisition and satisfaction KPIs from MVP to go-to-market.

Online school for Culture and

Social Change professionals

Product Discovery

  • Market and competitor’s research
  • Customer research
  • Product-market fit, value proposition, levels and courses structure for 3 target segments
  • Landing page development
  • LMS set up

Performance and Influencer marketing

  • Launched a paid campaign in social media
  • Partnered with 23 influencers

Content marketing and Community building

  • Content plan and messaging
  • Social media content production
  • Email marketing
  • Alumni community nurturing and support

Results and Achievements

  • Break-even point from first course
  • Medium margin of 40%
  • From 0 to 1,000 students in 24 months
  • CSAT 96%, NPS80 and completion rate 70%.

Business Model Development

  • Budget and P&L, pricing strategy for mid-range and expert ranges

Go-to market strategy

  • Focused channels mix on virality and organic growth;
  • Sharpened digital mix with CJM research and A/B testing

Lexus Design Award 2022

Global design competition for up-and-coming creators from around the world

  • Strategy development for digital, PR and influencer marketing campaign
  • Securing brand messaging consistency for the 3 agencies involved
  • Supervising lead generation campaign for the open call and 15 education events
  • Achieved over 5 million people in communication campaign, generated 1,000 qualified leads for the open call.

MTS bank

Fintech entity within MTS digital ecosystem, that encompasses 80,000,000 users.

Marketing funnel analysis and optimization for SME products

  • Back-end analytics set up
  • UX/UI research, A/B testing
  • Decreased CAC by 27%

Integrated marketing (IMC) projects for brand partneships

We advocate a tailor-made approach to brand communications.

Being thoughtful and creative, we ensure correct positioning and storytelling through Digital/PR/SMM/Content marketing/Influencers and Events.

Oh, and we love to connect our partners and brands and create lucrative sponsorships.

Add a Call-to-Action


Built the SBER digital ecosystem partnership with the prominent Art and Architecture Festival Archstoyanie 2023.

  • Partner’s negotiations and budgeting
  • Ensured the brand activation online and on-site
  • Built brand zone

Tinkoff Neo bank

Built the partnership between the largest CIS neo bank Tinkoff and the prominent Art and Architecture Festival Archstoyanie 2023.

  • Partner’s negotiations and budgeting
  • Built the Pavilion of Predictions with Generative Art inside
  • Led marketing communications integration in social media, email and performance campaigns
  • Integrated the ticket sales into the bank app
  • Managed the sponsor’s site on the festival for 4 days
  • Ensured sponsor’s KPI are covered and well reported


Built the partnership between the 6th Moscow Biennial of Contemporary Art and the VISA privileges program.

  • Partner’s negotiations and budgeting
  • Creative concept
  • Marketing communications integration management in social media and email campaigns.
  • Event management
  • Reporting

Kaspersky Kids

Kaspersky Kid is a desktop and mobile app that helps parents to protect their children online.

Collaborating with the Polytechnic Museum Sphera Buro launched a series of branded offline education events for children and parents. That was supported by the media campaign aimed to raise awareness of kids' online safety.

Ruinart / LMVH

Initiated Moscow Biennial Art prize launch in collaboration with Ruinart.

  • Sphera Buro created the concept and negotiated with both partners.
  • Led the PR and Social Media campaign for the project
  • Built a Ruinart brand zone for the opening event of the 6th Moscow Biennial of Contemporary Art and managed the VIP guest list


BTL and digital activation campaign within the Polytech Festival.

  • Brand partnership negotiation, budgeting and management
  • Brand zone installation
  • Project related digital communications supervising

Marketing сommunications сampaign

for the Astana Economic Forum 2018

The Astana Economic Forum (AEF) is the most prominent Middle East business congress based in Kazakhstan. In 2018, Sphera Buro covered a marketing communications campaign at the request of the Prime Minister's office.

  • Communication plan for the local and international market
  • Budgeting and coordination of 7 marketing agencies
  • Website development from scratch in 2 months: > 8000 registrations
  • Overseeing content production and activation across social, digital and offline media.
  • Press centre management: >1000 journalists, > 70 press events in 2 days.

Marketing communications support for the State of Qatar official delegation visits to Russia in


Contributed to the team of the Embassy of the State of Qatar working on the visit of the Emir, Qatari official and business authorities to Russia

  • Developed marketing and communication strategy over web, SMM, ATL, direct marketing, PR channels;
  • Formed a distributive marketing team of 10 and managed $3mln marketing budget with 5 agencies.

Elena Anastasieva

Drivers, values and inspirations:

Values and ideas matter!

Working with impactful products and the people you believe in is a keystone for team energy and dedication.

Never stop learning and exloring!

Marketing is always on the move. I’m fascinated by blending classic brand marketing and storytelling with new technologies and trends.

Nurture your team and partners

I admire my team flourishing and growing as well as our partners and clients. We built truthful and supportive partnerships.

Work hard, play hard!

An excellent performance comes out of a good rest and self-care routine. I’m a nature admirer, a reading nerd, a sports enthusiast and an art lover.

Mastering the skills

Account Director (PR)


Providing strategic communications for IKEA, American Express, REHAU, Absolut, Discovery Networks Europe


Account Director (PR)


Launched and managed PR services for Pernod Ricard's portfolio of 23 brands in Russia.


Brand Sponsorhips Executive

@Garage museum of contemporary art

Driving the best contemporary art museum stability through major sponsorhips with Mastercard, AUDI, Samsung, Sotheby’s etc.


MSc Political Sciences

Lomonosov Moscow State University



MA Marketing Communications

University of Westminster


Certificate in Digital and Brand Marketing

Communication Academy Wordshop


Google Project Management: Professional Certificate


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